Month: March 2010

Today I……

Today I worked on some table legs, I would like to get one more together before the Fine Furnishings Show.

leg blanks

I split these out and squared them up around four weeks ago and they are dry enough now to plane without any tear out. The stuff moves a little as it dries so I squared them up,first getting one side flat using winding sticks to sight down and plane off high sides. Then plane them all to the same thickness. woodworking 101. Then turn them. I spoke shave any turning marks out I really don’t like sanding especially at the lath and I like the look of the facets the spoke shave leaves. I finished this box too and was able to get some oil on it.

Baltimore Fine Furnishings Show

I’ve been accepted to the Baltimore Fine Furnishings Show, one of three that are held, Providence and Milwaukie being the other two.This is a big deal for me, it shows that a lot of long hours and perseverance are starting to pay off.There will be a lot of incredible artist and artisans with amazing works on display and for sale, if you are looking for something really unique and personal get to the Hippodrome Theater in mid-town Balt. the first weekend of May.