Month: June 2010

G.P River Art Fest

The first Gun Powder river art fest was a lot of fun, and was a great translation of a typical summer day in this area, hot and steamy with a breeze that would come along and make you glad to be alive.Lots of good people with a  new  found interest in green woodworking.

The settee sold to Louisa, she and her friends came into the shade of my tent to sit and cool off, they were so taken by the style and comfort of this bench she bought it right away. I believe its going to have a happy home on a porch.  

I sunk the shoulder spindle and the front arm rest spindle through the seat and wedged them.I put two screws through the back rest into the back of the arm rest I didn’t really want to use screws but it is a clean look. I want to do one with the shoulder spindle going through the arms as in rustic Welsh stick chairs (I can’t find the picture I want to link to), that way there would be no metal involved. The Cherry and Pine seat is joined with hand planes.

I made a portable work bench in a 17th century mind-set to demonstrate some of the  techniques that I use, I didn’t get any pictures of it in use and didn’t use it as much as intended, it was too hot out. I want to dial it in some more than I will post about it.Its good to eat off of as well!

Lie Nielson was in town and I have been wanting to get a float to help make a fore plane , something I have wanted to do for a long time now. I went to Germantown Maryland to Exotic Lumber they hosted the plane maker. Deneb was on hand showing the best way to set up and use the Lie Nielson planes.These are great shows to attend they are free and you will pick up some tips and ideas plus you can buy just about any of the tools in their line, take it home and use it right away no shipping and handling  charge or waiting.

 I was given two planes, a toung and groove  made in Ohio at the Sandusky tool company they didn’t have irons so when I went to the Lie-nielson tool show in Fredrick MD. last year I asked Deneb if they could make them, he took the measurement needed and a month later they arrived in the mail, it cost about 75.00 bucks each, not bad I don’t think.

They work great although the planes seem to work best in 4/4 stock I think they are desighned for ship building or making heavy flooring.

I had to do some fiddling to line things up and that’s to be expected in this situation, not bad.

just remove some from the cheek to slide the blade over in the toung plane.

they are fun to use!

Gunpowder Art Festival

This Saturday I will be on the banks of the Gun Powder River with other artist celebrating what our area has to offer, nature-ally, it promises to be a typical seasonal day except there will be intimate objects to take home, some free and some purchased.

Some of the stuff I will have :

A post and rung  stool.

Parts are split from the log using green woodworking techniques.     

And woven with  black cotton tape, it has a foam pad inside to increase longevity of the seat.            

This settee made from local woods. Cherry, White Oak and Pine finished with spar varnish so it could live outside!

This Cherry bowl,

and Spoon from the same section of the tree that grew here in White Hall

and of course Firewood carriers, coffee tables, the cabriolet leg bench and…….man you really need to just come and see what everyone has to offer.

WWW.NBCAF.COM  for directions and general info.

1760 – 1780 ?

I don’t upholster furniture usually but the people I used to rent from asked me to put new fabric on a chair they love. I don’t think they fully realized what they have, they recalled it was in the family a long time.

With the few books I have I put this chair in Philadelphia mid 1700’s Chippendale design, Thomas Tufft? regardless it’s old and made by a period craftsman. It was nice to be in its presence for a couple of days and look it over. hopefully the chair Gods wont be to irritated at my attempt to freshen up the seat.