Month: September 2010

Its the Keys

Its been longer than I like to go with out posting, I had some letters on the keyboard that wouldn’t readily respond, its kinda like walking on a clean floor with muddy shoes you have to keep backing up and go over where you’ve been, thankfully it was an easy fix just a new keyboard. That along with so many fun things to do this time of year that have nothing to do with sitting inside at the computer, I havent had much time for this.

Today we went to the Mountain Heritage Festival in West Virginia, I applied to be a vendor there and wanted to see what it was like, it was fun it rained most of the way but once there it was totally dry and the sun even poked through. I need an ash shovel for the wood furnace we have, we heat with firewood so it needs to be real durable, user friendly and even though not to many people will see it, good-looking ,that’s always a plus. So I scored this beatuty its hand forged handle has some twist and a leaf at either end, the shovel is held on with large rivets’. Boone Wrought Iron from Louisa VA. no website.

My wonderful wife bought me this great bird house gourd from “Gourds by Suzanna” who is from Toms Brook VA. no web site. These were really neet and hard to choose . I really like the carvings she does with woodworking gouges and the finish is like a satin not real shiny like some I see. I owe it to the local Jenny Ren. I messed up two of her nest this spring, the first was in the cover that’s on the boat and the second was when I left the basement door open for a couple of hours one nice day and she made a nest in the basement, very inconvenient for both parties, so next year we wont have any confusion right?

And these two are wak! they caught me staring at them from their perch amongst the other hand carved pine figures and with powers I don’t understand nor wish to, possessed me to purchase them from Ray Briscoe, “Whimsical Woodcarver”  Carrot Angel and Carrot in Overall…..WHOA!

A couple of things I’ve wanted to post  and I know they have made the internet rounds by now but are worth mentioning again : Peters video of 17th century carving that Lie Neilson is putting out this Fall

This is very exciting I can’t get enough of this stuff and the availability of information on this type of carving is nil. Peter has resurrected an art that had mostly slipped away, so any morsel of info that comes out is gold.

And Anchor Seal has an improved version of their end grain sealer,claiming the A2 hybrid sealer is ” Made from renewable, natural ingredients and less petroleum-based raw material, AS2® is a ‘greener’ and more economical choice for customers.”  as long as it wont freeze and you can see through it , it prevents checking and cleans up easily I’ll continue to use it. The site is worth checking out if you do any sawing and storing of lumber, UC Coatings.