Month: February 2011


If the foggy warm up and melt down of snow yesterday, and the well below freezing conditions of today (that are a perfect recipe for slipping and eating it hard just walking out your door) don’t make you dream just a little of a warmer place, than you’re a tougher Maryland winter person than I.

I love the Chesapeake Bay mostly when its warm and sunny but I’ll take it anyway I can get it. Beeing on the water in winter is a totally different experience than summer for many more reasons than the obvious.It takes on a different look and feel, a mood that is unnerving, all senses are very awake cause you don’t want to end up wet. But at the same time beautiful, calm or not. The birds that are cold weather travelers making a temporary visit and the winter colors on the bay are unique and make me feel like I’m part of something real special. All this sounds like I’ve been out on the boat recently…..hell no! I did go with a friend in December, super cold but unreal to be out there and I caught the biggest Stripper I ever saw in person!  Growing up Dad and I used to go duck  and goose hunting in a  scow  loaded heavy with decoys starting in the wee hours of the winter mornings in the back bays of Ocean City and Assateaque Island.

Shawn Kimbro sure knows how to catch the big ones all year round!

That’s not really warm weather dreaming but it gets me excited for the coming season.Check out his web site Chesapeake Light Tackle  .

The Volcum Pipe Pro ended the other day. The internet is an amazing thing when you can sit in your warm winterland and watch real-time North Shore Hawaiian surf, the actual contest going on, pretty cool.

I have to put new handles on most of my swinging tools, axe, adze, a hammer due to wear and tear.We burn wood for heat and it dry’s things out so much even in the basement so I think that is contributing too.

This splitting maul had a Hickory handle on it when I bought it and had worked itself pretty loose so I made an Oak one for it.The store bought handles are to narrow for me I like a thicker handle it gives more control and I don’t have to grip it as hard.

You can see on the right the old handle was straight, maybe that’s the way mauls are supposed to be since your almost always swinging over head but I wanted to use more of an axe handle shape. I beefed it up around the front end and the back of the head and left  the front of the helve straight,  then traced my axe handle for the rest of the helve (terminology found here)  . It gives more power and a bit of snap when the front hand comes down past the curve. Then a Locust wedge from…well all that Locust you see there, driven into the helve where it comes through the eye to really hold it tight, I dry the handle and the wedge in the kiln and make sure they are bone dry before putting it together.

In the Fall I put together a firewood carrier using an old wheelbarrow, it’s cut down on trips to the pile which is nice. We have really gone through it this year.