Month: July 2011


I was talking with a musician the other day, we were going on about how to get noticed and just be able to live comfortable in success with our creative side, and how tempting it is to bail and get a regular job  and ultimately not follow the original vision you first had.Thats a really hard thing to do when you set out for something that feels so right but sometimes society just doesn’t allow fair access . We both agreed persistence is key and even with that nothing is certain. The life lessons learned through out earn me something I otherwise would not get. And if you stick with it long enough you’ll come to many crossroads that take you away from the goal, if you stay focused on what you started the time away from it can give you new insight and a renewed desire and lust for the art you are tryimg to find and creat.

When I started down this road of trees and working along side of them I didnt have an end picture in mind but there was something, a direction, unorganised and grey but I thought I should just make things and see what became. I didnt have nice tools or know how to use the ones I had. I diddo have a #41/2 bench plane that my grandfather bought but was neglected and needed to be tuned up before it would allow me to work the wood. A great learning experience ensued.  Some folks might make one feel they are wasting their  time persuing such goals and visions and its easy (or at least for me) to buy into it a little, you just want to say “I know it’s not great but wada ya think?” “can I translate a feeling or a mood? can you relate to what I’m doing?” These things only sort out over time and if you halt your persuit youll never know the ansewrs .

I’ve always wondered how people evolve to a successful point, the picture above is  photographer Scott Pommier  the link attached to his name takes you to a site with a video (where I pinched the pic, I think it’s killer) and he talks about the road he took of camera and working along side them.I might be reading into it to much but he is talking about the same thing. I found out about him when I stumbled on this site the selvedge yard, a gritty blog with a retro feel.

The musician I was talking to the other day at my cousins graduation party, is related to George Nakashima. I have always been a great admirer of Uncle Georges work. I went to a gallery on a side street in Phily, I have no idea where it was, maybe south Philadelphia, many years ago, because they had some of his pieces on display, that left an indelible mark on me. I’ve read his book “The Soul of a Tree” and want to again whenever I see his work. There are many approaches to becoming noticed and ultimately successful, when you read what Mr. Nakashima went through its easy to be inspired.