Month: September 2011

Valleys Planning Council – “Art For Land’s Sake”

We here at Sun Woodworking have a show this weekend, Sept 30 October 1 and 2. Its for a good cause The V.P.C holds a fund raising art show every other year.The proceeds help conserve land in the north county (Baltimore), a portion of each purchase goes to the council. I’m excited about a couple pieces I’m taking,one is a settee the other a set of three stools.

Beeing a child of the sun and water, I want to introduce those elements in my work and growing up and living near the Chesapeake, at the beach and in the woods the incentive is always present.

arm rest

The settee has arm rest’s. On the back of the arm rest there is a whale tail. I was careful not to make it stick out past the feet, dont want it to hit the wall say if its in a hall-way or mud room backing. At the front is a curl or rams horn. These two desighn elements together look to me (unintentionally) like a whale. Under the seat is the side strecher, I turned some step downs on each end and it really works for me. Sorry if I’m gloating but if you knew how many things I try or think of that I cant make work you’d understand. Any way it’s a bench made from local woods in log form, sawn  or rived and dried, like most every thing is done here. It’s got  a nautical feel to represent this area and the east the pic for detail.

That’s my take anyway. y’all can talk amongst you-selves about it now.

I have had this idea for a while and didn’t really pull it off the way I intended but take a plank of nicely figured wood and make a series of stools that are continually segmented?? yea cut it up but still be able to see that it was one piece at a more important time in its life. In this example I used Apple for the seat’s. it came from a farm in Bently Springs, here in the north county, it’s a super hard wood that’s extremely unruly when trying to plane and not typical seat material but I had a bunch and wanted to use it for a while now and thought it looks cool so off we go!

contiually segmented stool

I put some metal in the foot rest (screws), I’m not proud of that but they need to hold up to really harsh stresses being foot rest. The settee came together without any metal fasteners  and of course neither piece was sanded, just finished with hand tools, the Baily’s #41/2 , spoke shave, travisher  and a very open sweep gouge.I say I didn’t really pull it off because the seats don’t touch edge to edge when lined up creating effect #1 the continuous board. The splay of the legs don’t allow it , I was limited to the width of these seats because the board was only so long and to make them with a tighter angled leg they would be too tipsy. Something to think about next time.