Month: November 2011

Black Friday Furniture Sale

Look in the Gallery  for sale items.

I’m hopping on the holiday “discount some of your items” train, it really feels like a train this year with stores opening thanksgiving night and all the emails I’ve received from big clothing stores telling me to “hurry up and buy cause these deals wont last” and it works it was the best black friday many had in years.

I want to offer a bit of a break on three pieces because I really like them and want someone else to enjoy them as much as I do, not that I have been using them much but they are where I can see them and I stop for a rest every once and a while….I cant help it. I have two of the tree stools left that I recently made of Apple for the seat and riven Red Oak for the legs and stretchers , they have an oil finish are very comfortable have multiple positions on the foot rest for you and are a good height, 25″ that’s a good counter height, I used one the other night to sit on while washing dishes. I sat across the seat so the foot rest ran front to back and I could get closer to the sink, it worked really well.

I was asking $380 each  they will be $320 each until Jan 2 2012. 60 bucks off.


    The legs are split out the same way, the mortises on them dried in a shop made kiln then final shaping/fitting, glued and wedged into the seat. The Apple came from a farm in Bently Spring Maryland and I took it to Bobs in Hickory to have it milled on his Woodmiser band saw mill then air dried for probably three years. The Oak I got from a tree service in Harford county it was a veneer quality log.

I really want some one to get this settee, I’m pretty proud of it and I’d like to make another I need the room.

Its Walnut, White Pine and Red Oak with a lacquer finish.

I was asking $1200. Until 1/2/12  it’s $100 off, so $1100.

Again, local wood. I could show you where the trees grew. There is more information about these three pieces and how to order in the GALLERY tab at the top of this page.

Check back too I have some smaller items, two bowls and some spoons that need to go.