Month: February 2012

Saw Milling

William Burk's sawmill

Apparently it’s in the blood. Mom gave me this pic the other day, the man standing in front of the steam engine (tractor) and facing it is her moms father William Burk 1857-1926, the date of this picture is unknown. His mill was on Blenheim road just north of Loch Raven reservoir and south of Jacksonville Maryland.

I milled some really nice cherry last weekend, crotch section with nice figure, it’s not uncommon to have a split where the limb joins the trunk but this one is tight. I milled it with the Logosol timber jig attached to the chain saw. One appealing aspect of the chain saw mill is you take it to the tree, this cherry was at a friends house on the edge of his yard going into the woods, he didn’t want his yard torn up so this worked out well and the wood was really nice so it was worth doing, other wise it would have been firewood or bug food…….. neither of which is bad. Then I had some time to work on a poplar log another friend told me about over a month ago,while heading over there he told me of a white oak nearby so I was able to mill that, still need to get to that poplar. The cherry is about 21″ wide and the oak 18″ that’s a large slab or at least wider than what I m use to seeing at the local mills, drying might be tough with out a lot of twist and cracking but we’ll see. I sealed the ends and stickerd the pile and put weight on the stack. If you click on the pic and blow it up you’ll see a separation in the growth rings on the end grain, you can really see it on the sawn board, it’s a wind shake, the tree was blown around so violently by the wind that it cracked along the growth ring plane, not sure when I guess a pretty long time ago, the but was 29″ across so it had been there a while. BGE, the local power utility company dropped it. Don’t get me wrong I’m still riving oak, I signed up for the Fine Furnishings show Baltimore this year in May. I need legs for stools and parts for a settee that will be at the show. And just finished this Cherry bowl.

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