Month: June 2012

Gun Powder River ArtFest

We have Butternut trees in our yard.The squirrls must have hid a few nuts in the strawberry box over the winter, these shoots were coming up. They must have had enough of food to make it through, these nuts went to seed.When pulled up one split open and revealed the ancient secret of how its done or at least what it looks like doing what it does. I still don’t understand what it is doing or what it’s done but it is enlightening to see it happening. I really like these trees there aren’t many around any more and I very rarely  see the wood used in furniture making. They have become very susceptible to a growth that didn’t seem to exist decades ago.I’m sure the housing/developing growth is to blame as well.

So as spring has sprung so has another round of great festivals and markets. BUY LOCALLY and Support your Neighborhood! where ever that may be. This Saturday 6-2-12 is the best of our local shows, the Gunpowder River Artfest at Boordy Vineyards, it’s an art show not a craft show. A lot of the stuff surpasses craft’s  like Lori’s work  and so many more. Help the local economy and your self and check this event out, buy something from an artist you’ll be happy you did.