Month: September 2012

Maritime Magic 2012

Maritime Magic in Fells point is this weekend! Friday Night at 7 PM. To celebrate the new web site I thought it would be fun to combine a nautical theme with a nautical theme! If you buy this Whale tail bench by the end of the week, I will through in two tickets to Maritime Magic. The bench sells for $1200.00 and the tickets are $110.00 each- a $220.00 savings and a great time! IF for some crazy reason the tickets are not available I will deduct the $220.00 from the original price of the bench.(I have not purchased the tickets in advanced since I wont be able to go. I am confident with the availability of them) This is a great time- I have been- there is great food from area restaurants, food and drinks, music and a great view of the Baltimore harbor water front, it really is a special night. The proceeds go the Living Classrooms Foundation who have different programs to benefit the youth of Baltimore city most notably to me the Fresh Start Program that focuses on at risk youth getting them an in house education and vocational job skills with ultimately job placement. So its all around a good deal you get a bench that’s comfortable and cool- the seat is over two hundred year old white pine that grew here in White Hall Maryland- a great evening out and the knowledge you have helped the youth of today prepare for tomorrow and hopefully when you look at your bench you will be reminded of the great night you two had!

Click on the pictures to see more detail.Then click again. This is a local purchase as the event is here in Baltimore I can deliver for free up to 20 miles beyond that there is a 25$ delivery fee and up depending on the distance. Pick up from here at HQ is of course welcome too.

Contact me for this special purchase:

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Notice anything different? Of course you do if you were a visitor of this site, a change in the layout with some added features! We are trying to set up some e-commerce here at HQ to make it easier for the masses to get a piece of hand made stuff, from the tree to your home so have a walk around, visit the store and keep checking back. I’m still tweaking and fiddling and adding. I

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Rough Waters

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#ffffff”] NAHANNI!!! ” Where few men go…. with shores of Death!


Albert Faille you are my hero, I have this disease, an S.T.D. if you will, that drives me to do things a certain way usually the hard way and to repeat that same process in the way I learned it until beaten into submission by the task. Then taking the easy or easier way to complete it in the worst situation.

It’s  Labor Day weekend, and whats that all about? to some its a much needed three day weekend from time spent somewhere they don’t want to be doing something they don’t want to do but doing it anyway, I respect that.To some its to celebrate that they have a job they like. And some its just a moment to reflect on having a job, knowing life is too short to take the B.S of the grind to seri0usly.

Albert’s job in life was clear to him- find that gold and survive in doing so.
You can look at the perils this 78 year old man put to himself and think all that for gold? AND at 78!?! Well I think in life its good to have an end all goal but all the portages and climbs up the hills and the threat of capsizing at any moment are really whats important, this is where you learn and grow and become much more of a resource to yourself and others.