Month: December 2012

Remember the innocent and the heros only

Credit due to- Kevin P. Duffus his book “War Zone world war ll off the North Carolina coast” IMG_1833 While world war ll was well under its horrific way in Europe few people knew it was POUNDING on Americas front door. German U-Boats were sinking merchant marine vessels mostly off the coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks at an alarming rate. The good folks of Ocracoake, Rodanthe, Hatteras Villages watched, heard and felt the explosions from the torpedoing German subs. The merchant marines are civilians that transport goods and people. March 29, 1942 Palm Sunday, the 452 foot long passenger freighter City of New York was steaming north. At 12:45 pm Oberleutnant Georg Lassen of the U-160 pieced the side of the flagship freighter with a torpedo. With that Desanka Mohorovicic, pregnant with a due date approaching in two weeks climbed into a crowded life boat another person on the life boat was a doctor who had fallen and broke two ribs. They were lowered into the 15 foot seas, 51 degree 25-knot winds, and a water temp of 72, they were in the gulf stream. Rowing as hard and fast as they could to escape the flying cargo that rocketed out of the ocean as the freighter went down. Underneath a canvas sail being used as a privacy screen and to protect, at 2:30 am Monday morning a healthy eight pound baby boy was born in the darkness with the doctors help roughly 5o miles due east of Rodanthe Village. Now 26 hours later and 100 miles due east of Kitty Hawk a flair lit up the night sky from the life boat at 4:28 am. Eight miles south was the USS Jesse Roper who saw the light and sped towards it finding 21 survivors from the City of New York plus one. A cargo net was draped over the side of the destroyer so all who were able could climb to safety. A stretcher was lowered for the baby and might have been the hardest part of the whole experience for Desanka when she had to send her child up alone, she then made the climb, the only other person to use the stretcher was an elderly woman. From there they safely made it to port in Norfolk Va. IMG_1835 It’s truly amazing and inspiring the things we are capable of when called on. Now as then these are confusing tough times. It’s hard to wrap your head around the destruction one person with a gun will do and they seem to do it more and more to innocent people. There are no words for what happened last Friday no words I can give to ease the pain the parents will live with. We need to raise our kids to be better than this and be in their lives, teach right and wrong and the privilege and responsibility of using a gun. I was brought up with a huge respect for guns. I couldn’t hold one until I was a certain age then I had to wait until I was older to fire one older yet before I could go hunting with out any supervision but really all along being supervised and taught real gun safety. maybe I’ll find it all different when my kids are older and I find myself so removed from there lives-moods-needs etc. and have no way of getting back in but I will always try. As parents we have a responsibility to not allow this to happen. breaks my heart  

#4 is done

Ready for delivery on Friday. It has a Helmsman Spar Urethane finish then past wax over that. The glue is the Titebond lll which I really like using on an assembly this big, it doesn’t set up as fast as their yellow glue so the risk of having a part freeze up before you get it all together isn’t as bad and it’s more water proof than the yellow Titebond ll, although the exterior pieces Ive made using the yellow have never failed at the glue joint. A seat rotted out on chair I made in the late 90’s the glue joints are still sound. It’s lived outside for the last four years with no finish on it and rain/snow water sits in the seat. I still use it.

If you click on this pic (you then have to click on it again) and blow it up you see a piece of metal under the arm rest in the seat, its a bullet probably a 22 cal there were three of them in this seat I didn’t know until I started planing and carving the seat. They were where the dark scars are. My hand plane irons cut right through the lead with out nicking the edge! I’ve planed over bullets before and they did nick the blade. It is a 200 year old tree, it’s seen some abuse.

                                   I’m ready to start another!!! who wants one!?!