Month: March 2013

Entertainment Center

IMG_1888Recently I finished and installed this entertainment center. I don’t do much with plywood unless asked to and recently a few jobs have come my way. This guy is pretty straight forward no request for anything unusual, really no request at all it was left up to me to come up with the design. It was to go on a wall that was huge at least 15′ tall and just as long if not more, then when I went to install it they decided to put it in another room as long as it fit and it did. For it to aesthetically accommodate the original room it needed to be substantial or the room would make it look small so I went with 9’long and 7’plus high. The room has a lot of windows and so I wanted to use a dark stain and kind of recess the TV so their wouldn’t be any glare issue, I think it would have worked out. It is made from sheets of Maple ply and trimmed out with maple and has a Minwax Jacobean stain with a sprayed lacquer finish. The cove molding around the top I made on the table saw, I’ve done that once before a long time ago. I like it, it’s a huge piece for me and I’m happy the way the proportions worked out. Not fancy but has ton’s of storage and is built to last. Too bad I couldn’t get a good pic. IMG_1900 IMG_1881 IMG_1884

Sealer Coat