Volunteer Week

  spoons 003 I’m very excited, leaving for Country Workshops in a couple days to attend volunteer week. I’ve been three other times, it’s usually in the spring and to get things ready for the summer classes and general updates, but this time we are turning the building that Drew and Louise lived in for six years, then many students stayed in, to a more permanent residence. It’s my great excuse to go to this wonderful part of the world and spend some time with like minded people, I’m sure I’ll come out of it with some gained knowledge and insight. Post have been thin this summer, a sign of a busy few months. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing as much woodworking as I’d like, a few spoons is all. But I have been back on the bike and my knees are very happy about that. lil gunpowder 004This Red Oak is hanging on! this is from a lookout on the Little Gun Powder trails near me. I hope to take the bike and ride some trails at Beech Mountain the east highest town- 5,506 ft. The last time I went to CW for Peters class I took the bike and rode the laurel mountain trail just south west of Ashville, stayed in the camp ground there, the whole area is amazing! Vacay Frisco 2013 067While on the topic of adventure we go to the Outer Banks every year at the beginning of September. This New Jersey registered 29′ rental boat lost power at night, this is Cape Hatteras behind and to the right is Diamond Shoals, in my mind one of the scariest places on earth to be at night. They came out of Hatteras inlet up across the shoals and some how managed to keep her upright as the tide dropped.This year this part of the point is mostly under water at high tide, you can drive out there after low tide is well underway and it leaves this great green pond in the middle with bait charging in and out through the few remaining inches of water allowed by the lowest point of the tide. We watched as the local tow crew came out with a crane and straps, lifted it up and set her on a trailer to be towed by pick up truck off the point. There was a backhoe pulling the pick up to help keep it from getting hung up in the soft sand, they haven’t had much rain either like here in the north county. Another truly amazing and inspiring place! Vacay Frisco 2013 049Fishing was good- birds, fish and people were right there! Vacay Frisco 2013 048 kids love it! This weekend Fri and Sat Oct. 4-5 2013 there is a Lie- Nielsen hand tool event at Hearne Hardwoods. I went last year and they were milling a Koa log! really cool to see, not sure if the mill will be running this time but if you appreciate trees and wood do yourself a favor and check it out! So I’m sure I will come back from NC totally jazzed to be in the shop and have some interesting projects to share.

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