Louise Langsner’s Baskets!

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WHOA! I should have had this post out weeks ago and I apologize to anyone hoping to see something more timely, been slammed since we got back. my trip to CW was great. It was great for my mind and soul to get to the mountains, long-overdue. Although I was away from the fam for a week and missed everyone (first time away from the wee ones for that many days)we worked it so Amelia and the girls would go to her aunts and I’d pick them up at the end of the week at Amelia’s aunts in NC right near the South Carolina border. The stay with the Langsner’s and six volunteer weak folk was so nice, we got a lot done and had much fun doing it. Louise gave us all baskets and Drew gave a bunch of his spreaders to choose from as thank you gifts, incredibly nice and it shows how much they appreciate the help. It felt like a page is turning as the old dorm will now be a permanent living space and class sizing will be smaller. I’m happy for them to have their family close by.

Volenteer week 10-7-13 004

Looking south from CW

One of the things about staying with the Langsner’s that I always enjoy is Drew has hand-made items from around the world and he can tell you about every aspect of them, it’s very interesting and they are all very unique, to me anyway.

Then on to aunt Menas to meet the girls. The theme continued as they have a house full of unique and interesting handmade items from around the world old and new. I was swimming in the stuff.

The difference in environments was interesting too. Walking through the woods at Drew’s you see huge hardwoods and its steep and a bit rocky then down south it was like a clay, a bit flatter with long views of Mt. Mitchel and the Appalachian chain, lots of long leaf pines and smaller hardwoods.

Volenteer week 10-7-13 029

We all enjoyed some well-deserved mountain time traveling north to Black mountain and Ashville. We walked to breakfast in Ashville and passed this school bus that had just set up I think we were the first to try it. It’s the Bouldering Bus and our two year old charged it! she thought nothing of climbing around but we were so excited for her it was really cool!

Ash log Claerendons 006Here is an Ash tree I was offered last winter and finally got over there to get it, it’s small but I think it will be good for firewood carriers and I need to re-screen a privacy screen we have on the porch. I want to get to this soon with pics.


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