I Sea A Turtle

“….and thus lived (this great oak tree) to garner eighty years of June sun. It is this sunlight that is now being released, through the intervention of my axe and saw, to warm my shack and my spirit through eighty gusts of blizzard.And with each gust a wisp of smoke from my chimney bears witness, to whomsoever it may concern, that the sun did not shine in vain.” Aldo Leopold


Well winter has arrived in the north county,at least till it warms up again, and if your lucky enough to heat with wood you know how nice it is to come inside after being in the cold all day and cozening up to a fire knowing all the hard work you did getting wood ready for the winter is paying off in great comfort.

That said… Come On Spring!!! no… kidding, sort of, I like the seasons and once winter really gets going I’m into it but warm saltwater is always in the back of my mind.

Sea Turtle Bowl 010I started on this Tulip Poplar bowl last month with no design ideas for the bottom but I new I wanted the top to be round with handles on the ends.The inspiration came from the stay at the Langsners in October, Drew has many hand made items on display. I ‘m not real big on turned bowls, but this one he had was turned on a pole lath and I have always really liked the lines. It’s a common design pre-industrial revolution. I use an axe to rough out the outside of bowls and with this one I was pushing the width a bit much ( trying to get as much as I could)and lost some symmetrical roundness.

Sea Turtle Bowl 021Making this stuff from green wood and using axe and gouges to shape opens up a whole other world of design and shapes. You can look at one side and see plain lines and another side will have curves. For the bottom of this bowl transition was on the menu. I wasn’t going for it but it reminds me of a sea turtle, Tortuga, Loggerhead, Leather-back…yea it’s a stretch but that’s what struck me early on.

Sea Turtle Bowl 018Sea Turtle Bowl 025I’d like to be at about eleven o’clock, just in the shadow, front-side getting ready to pump with my legs under the barreling lip for a cool cover-up!

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  1. Dad
    December 16, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    A “barreling lip” covering you up this time of the year makes an old fella shiver. Good job Mike.

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