Coffee Table

pre finished Oak coffee table

I made a coffee table for myself years ago using green woodworking techniques that I now use to display things on at the farmers markets and I get a lot of comments about it and people ask if it’s for sale often too. I decided to make a version of it to put in my “product line”. This one is Red Oak with a White Oak top, the red was rived out of a log I have and the white is three boards from sawn White Oak that I bought at an auction last year, a farm nearby that the trees grew on.   

Walnut Top Oak Base

      This table has a Walnut top that was selected from boards stickerd in the order they were sawn, the way nature intended it you get a true piece of the tree not random cuts mismatched together.  

It has a Red Oak base, the parts were riven from the log then the legs turned and the rungs shaved at the shaving horse, parts are then dried to their proper moister content and assembled.  

This table has a Walnut top carefully selected as stated above.  


The Base is kiln dried Maple from the local mill I get my dried stuff from.Turned legs and shaven rungs.  


I want to mention that I edge join these tops by hand with an 18″ jointer plane, it takes a bit to get it exactly right.That’s the way it was done before all these power tools became so popular. Just look at any thing made before the 1800, its hard to argue power tools make a stronger joint.I feel I can get a better glue joint this way……that and I don’t own a power jointer capable of making perfect edges for gluing.  

Please contact me with question or to make a purchase.   

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