Benches Made to Order

Traditional and Custom Benches

Here at Sun Woodworking I make benches using traditional techniques, meaning they are built the way Windsor chairs were typically built, with a strong wood like Oak for the legs and stretchers and crest, a softer wood that’s easy to carve like Pine or Poplar for the seat. A strong flexible wood for the spindles Oak is perfect. A hard wood is used for the arms and crest. No metal fasteners are used, just glue and wedges, tenons have to be dried in a home-made kiln along with wedges.

This “Whale Tail” series of benches is fun to make. Lots of design testing has gone into these over the years to develop a wonderful feel and look.

These start at $1350 each one is original since they are hand made and wood figure is different. I put a lot of attention to detail in wood selection to make every one special.