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The woodworking classes I offer are small one person tutorials and four person workshops. I have taught as many as 15 at other schools with assistants, these situations are very fun and rewarding, my shop is not set up for that many. There are many resources available to “do woodworking” I offer an opportunity to learn woodworking at a level that will have you making at home or in the trades with Confidence. Classes and workshops at my shop are usually multi day with the information and techniques repeated in a systematic and concise way. The more people that sign up per class the cost per person goes down.

The drive to the shop sets the mood for the day, a back road in the hilly countryside of northern Baltimore county Maryland. Trees, streams and wildlife are part of the experience. At the shop in the summer the windows and doors are open and wintertime the woodstove is going.

If green woodworking we will split our parts from a log and if using sawn lumber we will use hand tools to start the process of milling and introduce the machines as well. This process is the basis for all woodworking and is the same procedure when starting with the drawknife, hand plane or the jointer and planer, but the techniques are different. It’s important to learn or at least see how to get from a to b with hand tools from there we can work the way you want with the tools available to you. I want you to be able to continue this with the tools available to you, not go home with an expensive list of tools to buy.

You’ll leave with the knowledge and confidence to start with rough lumber and finish with a well made daily user. If just starting out in woodworking or wanting some more skills and options these classes are huge jump start on your journey. A lot of the techniques transcend all disciplines. And if you are a seasoned craftsperson wanting to expand, the bench class and chair class and wood carrier have a great deal of information and skill set.

These workshops are fun! open to all, I have been in a learning situation (still am) and it can be intimidating, daunting, awkward and uncomfortable, but not here your time in my shop is for you.


Our happy customers saying
  • Your class was the best of the three Windsor Classes I have taken.  Your attention to detail was super!  I learned several invaluable strategies I haven't seen or read anywhere else including some of the top authors.  Great job!
    Mike Dennis
  • This is a really beautiful and sturdy carrier. It's unique from your typical firewood carrier and is a welcome sculptural object next to our new stove. Michael was communicative and shipped it quickly. Would love to see more of your work on here!  (From a happy Etsy client.)
    Lauren from Canaan NY
  • "Mike these stools are perfect, thanks!"
    Art and Nichole Lunquist
  • Michael's work is absolutely beautiful while being unique. His standard of craftsmanship is the highest. His work is a show piece in any home.
    Tami Satterfield
  • Michael Clarkson is a professional wood worker. - and one of the nicest guys in the world, but that's off the point of this post. A couple of months ago I asked him to make my wife and me a rocking chair. It is crafted in walnut with oak for the back. A stunning one of a kind piece of art.
    John Clarkson