Handmade Seating Furniture

and Custom Woodwork

By Michael Clarkson

I use traditional techniques where needed, tapered mortises, round and square mortise and tenon joinery with close tolerances. Traditional tools like the shaving bench, draw knife and spokeshave and hand planes. Green or air dried wood where it matters most.

And I use modern power tools in a well equipped shop to keep up with modern pricing and time restrictions. I implement these techniques in every project, rocking chairs, benches, stools,tables, firewood carriers even a plywood bookcase with hardwood facing.

For the last 10 years I have been fortunate to have access to a sawmill and as a result have a better understanding of wood and trees and the availability to use unique woods.


Sun Woodworking Designs

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A staple for Sun Woodworking has been the counter, bar and social sitting stools. I can design these around your space or make them from an idea, drawing or picture. I try and utilize unique woods and sections from slabs for the seats and use appropriate hardwoods for legs and stretchers. Then finish to the clients desire with a clear coat to show the woods presence, or paint or stain to give them some added flair and uniqueness.

Another big seller are the firewood carriers. Don’t limit them to just firewood they can carry other things as well.  Steam bent very light and very strong.


Our happy customers saying
  • Your class was the best of the three Windsor Classes I have taken.  Your attention to detail was super!  I learned several invaluable strategies I haven't seen or read anywhere else including some of the top authors.  Great job!
    Mike Dennis
  • This is a really beautiful and sturdy carrier. It's unique from your typical firewood carrier and is a welcome sculptural object next to our new stove. Michael was communicative and shipped it quickly. Would love to see more of your work on here!  (From a happy Etsy client.)
    Lauren from Canaan NY
  • "Mike these stools are perfect, thanks!"
    Art and Nichole Lunquist
  • Michael's work is absolutely beautiful while being unique. His standard of craftsmanship is the highest. His work is a show piece in any home.
    Tami Satterfield
  • My cousin Michael Clarkson is a professional wood worker. - and one of the nicest guys in the world, but that's off the point of this post. A couple of months ago I asked him to make my wife and me a rocking chair. This is what he produced. See below. It is crafted in walnut with oak dowels for the back. A stunning one of a kind piece of art.
    John Clarkson