I worked in cabinet shops in Baltimore in my late teens and early twenties and it never quite felt right, I wanted to experience woodworking not just do woodworking, I went to Skarie (a woodworkers supply store before the box stores moved in) for something, probably just to rummage around, and picked up Fine Woodworking “On Chairs and Beds” and one of the articles was “Green Woodworking” I followed Dave Sawyer and ten students through the process of changing a log into chairs at Drew Langsners school in NC. At the end of the article, there was contact info, I sent away for a class schedule and to my surprise mentioned there was a class in Baltimore with John Alexander and Peter Follansbee “Make A Stool From A Tree” a joinery class in accordance with 17th century New England practice.

I was hooked, that class left an indelible impression on me. I kept visiting John,  learning, and having fun being immersed in oak. I attended some classes at Country Workshops and was the summer intern in 1996.

Since than I have attended more classes and taught at Living Class Rooms in Baltimore as a woodworking instructor.

I really enjoy working with green wood, the way it shaves and the tools used, the sound it makes against them, and even the smell, usually.

In my opinion, it makes a better stronger finished product than kiln-dried stuff.